Love and you may sex from the eyes of Ukrainians

Love and you may sex from the eyes of Ukrainians

• According to the survey presented because of the Sociological Classification “Rating”, 67% away from Ukrainians mentioned that they’d a permanent sexual lover. 4% provides a low-permanent spouse. 19% replied which they did not have any sexual lover already, but used to have. Only step 3% showed that that they had no lover together with never ever had any in advance of, 7% refused to answer the question.

• Nearly 80% of one’s respondents concur with the statements that sex is a great essential section of peoples lives (10% disagree). The more lured to assistance which report was indeed those individuals partnered (registered otherwise unregistered).

• Two-thirds believe that sexual relationship prior to relationships are normal. All the 5th thinks the alternative. Little participants, the individuals abreast of municipal relationships, and you will single individuals had been prone to support that it thesis.

• 45% accept that for men sex is much more important than for women (34% share the contrary viewpoint). The number of so it view supporters is highest among women, middle-aged and you can the elderly.

• 41% consented with the thesis you to satisfaction away from “relationship obligations between the sheets” are required having men; almost a comparable count offers the opposite view. Exactly how many the brand new thesis supporters is somewhat highest among guys.

• 30% of respondents concur with the declaration one sex will be a support sold for the money (55% display the contrary viewpoint). Guys, young and you will middle-aged persons may be the most likely so you’re able to go along with which statement.

• 24% agree that a woman cannot have shown sexual initiative (57% disagree). What number of such as for example is fairly large certainly one of guys, young participants, and the ones upon civil wedding.

• Simply 19% agree that married woman is actually forced to keeps sex along with her husband, even though she won’t (67% disagree). The support because of it thesis can be a bit high among the many eldest respondents.

• Merely 16% agree that it’s normal getting long lasting sexual matchmaking with more than one person at once (70% disagree). The amount of that it thesis opponents is somewhat high among feminine and more youthful respondents.

Romantic days celebration is People Date

• 60% of one’s polled do not become discomfort or shame when speaking regarding sex using their companion / long lasting sexual lover. Just 6% end up being more or less uncomfortable. 35% do not feel shame after all when these are sex that have friends, associates (14% are particularly shamed). 21% said it did not getting guilt whenever talking about sex that have visitors. Meanwhile, nearly one to-3rd feels extremely embarrassing.

• 50 % of new participants will probably enjoy St. Valentine’s. Meanwhile, 41% Klicken Sie hier, um mehr zu lesen do not have eg intentions, 3% have no idea such as for instance a holiday after all. The highest number of those who plan to enjoy is registered about Southern (59%), various other countries – about half. Guys, younger questioned, and you can municipal ong those people who are expected to celebrate.

• To possess 40% of your own polled, St. 27% asserted that it absolutely was just a regular date, 19% – an occasion so you can compliment family relations. Merely 8% contemplate it a vacation that isn’t common in regards to our state’s life and you may community. The number of this vacation supporters try high throughout the Southern area macro-region, one of teenagers, men, and those upon municipal relationships. For example-3rd of one’s participants from old many years so it escape is simply a normal date.

• Nearly half of the fresh new participants want to bring gifts having St. Valentine’s. 45% – do not have particularly purposes. From the Southern area, Eastern, and you will Heart, exactly how many particularly is approximately a 50 % of the brand new polled, in the West – 43%. High purposes are located certainly men, young respondents, and you will municipal relationship people.

Younger participants and you will guys end up being relatively smaller guilt when these are sex

Audience: citizens away from Ukraine old 18 and you will earlier. The fresh new take to are user with regards to age, gender, area, and you can settlement sort of. Overall attempt: 2000 respondents. Personal formal interviews (face-to-face). The new margin off mistake cannot meet or exceed 2.2%. Period of the questionnaire:

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