I’m a Sri Lankan with a passion for painting and a busy life as a mom to two boys. Back in the day, I used to sketch during my leisure hours, and it was my grandmother who first inspired me to pick up the brush.

When it comes to painting, I find myself drawn to portraits of people and nature. I have a soft spot for bold and vibrant colors. Acrylic and watercolor are my go-to mediums, as I love how they allow me to bring my ideas to life. But it’s not just portraits – I also enjoy exploring abstract art on canvas, especially when it involves those striking bold colors.

The journey of motherhood, the world of art and my love for reading keep me balanced and inspired. Whether it’s capturing the emotions in a portrait or the abstract beauty of colors intertwining, I find joy in every stroke of the brush.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know a bit about me and my artistic journey! 🎨🖌

Priyanka Irriyagolla




I could do paintings for order. If you are interested please do get in touch and I will be happy to oblige. Note however the shipping cost will differ based on the country that the artwork has to be sent to and the size of the artwork. Looking forward to hearing from you.