Love for Elephants

When you learn just how similar elephants are to us humans, how powerful yet gentle, how intelligent, social and caring, then you notice that they actually possess all of humans’ best qualities and not many of the bad. There is a lot that we could learn from them, but somehow we choose to ignore it and think we’re the “know it alls” on this planet.

So, what can we do for elephants in 2019?

First of all don’t support unethical elephant operations. These include elephant riding, buying elephant paintings, buying ivory, going to a Circus where elephants or other animals are forced to perform or even going to the Zoo.

Proactively we can do a lot. From signing petitions and donating to elephant conservation organisations ( like the two I mentioned above ), volunteering, visiting ethical elephant sanctuaries or fostering and therefore supporting elephants to simply explaining your friends why elephant riding or buying ivory is unethical. Every petition signed, every dollar donated and every informed friend counts.

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