Improving Board Meeting Productivity

If your board meetings fail to yield the results you want It could be time to make changes. The good news is that increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your board meetings isn’t difficult or time-consuming. The steps listed below can be implemented slowly over time and could significantly improve the overall quality of your meetings.

Start by setting clear agendas and strict time limits for each item. By establishing a limit on the amount of time each topic will require to be discussed, members of the board are more likely to keep their comments short and concise. In addition, appointing an appointed timekeeper for meetings can help to ensure that everyone is abiding by the rules.

Avoid topics on which only a few members of your board have expertise. Instead, consider arranging one-on-one discussions with each between meetings to discuss more in-depth on subjects that require more research or understanding. You can use this time to discuss topics that need the full attention of the board.

Many board members have difficulty getting the meeting back on track after it has begun. Discussions can quickly drift off-topic, especially when board members are familiar with each other and are discussing personal matters just before the meeting starts. Try to steer discussions back to the agenda items at hand, and respectfully redirect when members continue to wander off-course.

In the end, your board meetings are meant to be a space to discuss strategic decisions and debate, not simply a space to update reports and updates. With careful planning and a few small modifications, you can turn your board meetings into enjoyable productive and productive events that are crucial for your business’s growth and success.

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