Antivirus Apps Offer Extra Security Features

Antivirus applications keep your smartphone secure from malware and other threats, however many of them also offer additional features that improve your smartphone’s security. These include the ability to manage passwords to protect your login information, VPN functionality to enhance security and privacy and tools to help you find or remotely erase stolen phones.

Most antivirus services will scan your phone on a regular basis to identify malware signatures that may have infected it. Typically, they conduct these checks according to a schedule that you decide to set and will notify you if any threats are found. They also will determine if you are connected to an unsecured network which could expose your personal information to attackers.

Based on the provider certain antiviruses could come with additional features like anti-theft and a call blocker. Kaspersky is one of them. It offers a feature which can capture three images of the person who is trying to access your device. It also permits users to lock or wipe it remotely. Other services offer system tune-up tools that can clean up junk files, speed up your device and alert you of unsafe settings or applications.

An excellent way to determine how well a service protects your phone is to look at how it performs in the protection rankings of independent testing labs. Some of these rankings are determined by the number of threats detected and other factors like how quickly the service can detect threats and then eliminates them. Some companies also go above and beyond by offering features like the money back guarantee and 24/7 customer assistance.

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